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Chasing the White Rabbit

Roze Volca Loves: Select CBD

by Siera Josephine |

At our event, another main focus was on teaching women the difference between THC and CBD. Select’s Family has a product for you no matter what your tolerance or what the occasion.

Roze Volca Loves: Mary Joe Coffee

by Siera Josephine |

Ever want both a pick me up but also something that relaxes you at the same time? Say no more fam. We found it. Mary Joe Cold Brew Coffee is it.

Roze Volca Loves: Nice Canna Company

by Siera Josephine |

Its rare to find an industry where women support other women almost whole heartedly. The cannabis industry (for me) is one of those places. I reached out to Nice Canna Company because they are a Woman operated LA based company.

Roze Volca Loves: Kinslips

by Siera Josephine |

Watermelon Basil, Tarragon Citrus, Mango Turmeric? Yes, yes, and another solid yes.

A Stoners Guide for the Girl who doesnt Smoke

by Siera Josephine |

We understand that smoking isn’t for everyone but we know cannabis has so much more to offer. From microdosing with edibles, to topicals and tinctures, we would like to help clear the smoke for the cannabis curious woman.

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