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Roze Volca is an intimates company dedicated to helping you #keepitdiscreet


After years of festival going, there was always the complication of getting something as simple as a birth control pill, or as they would like to call it “prescription drugs”, into the event with out hassle. Lame right?

Or say you are rocking a dress with no pockets and you are like most girls these days that have ditched the purse for a more free and enlightened way of life, where does your ID go?

These aren't just festival lover issues either. Remember when Carry Bradshaw was walking down the streets of New York in the first episode, bumps into Mr. Biggs and her purse falls and explodes with condoms? (don’t lie, you do) That’s the predicament we are here to take care of.


MADE IN AMERICA for women by women. 

helping conceal your unmentionables

Unmentionables are, but are not limited to: Drivers license, maybe a one hitter and a little green, pepto-chewables, advil, cash, pocket shots. (looks them up festival patrons, they are life changing)

The possibilities are small but endless.

wait, what?

All we did is take your wallet and slipped it in your underwear. Literally. Our intimates offer over 5” of camouflaged space for anything you need to keep in the most private of places.