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This is Roze Volca Reinvented

 Truth be told: I got ahead of myself 

I have been labeled with derogatory terms associated with cannabis since I can remember  just because I am a creative, have a nose ring and enjoyed music festivals. But in all honesty, I didnt even really enjoy the act of smoking. In the last two years, I've been soaking up all this cannabis culture but still not feeling like I had enough knowledge to actually act upon anything. 


So here I am, creating a space of continuos knowledge, research, findings, forever being a blank slate. Here I am discreetly chasing the white rabbit


Roze Volca is still here to help you #keepitdiscreet

Why Am I Here?

Im on an exploration to find what works best for myself while documenting the process. From seedling to full bloom, I am here to grow gracefully through cannabis culture.

Why Are You Here?

Curiosity. Like myself, you are questioning cannabis. It's finally out shinning its dark shadow put on by people who have been taught to fear it. Follow and learn with me.